KOMPAS International promises to bring high-quality, full-service corporate services to the marketplace.  Within our management team, we have 100+ years of experience in the industry. We have a top-notch global network and we have one of the strongest back office teams in the industry with decades of experience.  We believe in our people and our vision.

We go above and beyond the standard offerings of corporate legal services, management, administration and domiciliation services. 

KOMPAS helps clients without any international experience figure out how to make their global expansion plans into a reality from the start.  Once their global operations are set up, KOMPAS can help with everyday processes such as compliance monitoring, payroll administration, etc.  

Our Global Expansion Services offers financial, legal, administrative and management support, including HR, Trade solutions and Intellectual Property protection in all major financial centers. 

Would you like to know more, or discuss your needs with an expert to find out how KOMPAS can help? Contact us today.