Kompas Passport

Creating an international presence is rarely as simple as people will tell you. There are many things to think about when you expand your business to another country.  This is why KOMPAS developed Kompas Passport.  Kompas Passport is based on decades of legal, accounting and compliance best practices to give you full transparency and operational simplification.

Kompas Passport provides companies a global overview of each operation abroad including instant access to detailed information of your legal entity, accounting, legal documents, employees and payroll.

What can Kompas Passport do for you? 

  • Monitors all the pending deadlines per entity
  • Creates a legal structure chart of all the entities and relationships in your group
  • Sends notifications for filing tax returns, financial statements and other agreements with a deadline
  • Gives access to all corporate data and files
  • Enables you to review and download contracts, articles of association, shareholder registers, annual accounts, tax filings, and resolutions
  • Allows you to monitor corporate compliance & statutory filing requirements, as well as obtain corporate and fund structure charts
  • Gives you 24/7 overview

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