Accounting and Reporting

KOMPAS originates from an accountancy company. Our employees have strong accounting, financial reporting and audit liaison skills.

Legislation and regulations can differ hugely across borders. When it comes to meeting financial reporting requirements, businesses with international financial operations face increasing complexity as international regulations, accounting standards and business needs continue to evolve. KOMPAS can assist your entities to become and remain compliant with international accounting laws and policies.

KOMPAS will make sure that you keep control of your accounting obligations, both at home and abroad.  We can start anywhere you like - from payroll and cash management services to basic accounting, or complex financial reporting. No matter where we start, the goal is to get your company to the next level.

KOMPAS’ accounting and reporting services include:

  • Handling of day-to-day corporate operations and follow-up with third-parties
  • Keeping company books and preparing periodical reports
  • Preparing statutory and consolidated accounts
  • Maintaining trade receivables and payables records
  • Reviewing local reporting packages
  • Providing outsourced consolidation services to clients
  • Assisting clients in handling consolidation matters with auditors
  • Conversion of local GAAP accounts to IFRS 
  • Preparation of IFRS financial statements
  • Assisting clients in handling IFRS matters with auditors
  • Providing outsourced IFRS services to clients
  • Cash management
  • Payroll administration

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