Company Formation

Expanding or relocating your business abroad is an important step to internationalize your business. The first step is the formation of your new company and this can be surprisingly complex. Procedures, timelines, languages, costs and requirements can differ between countries and even within regions of a country.

KOMPAS can help you set up the most efficient and beneficial type of structure that is tailored to your company’s specific goals, while at the same time keeping your company compliant in each new country with tax laws, filing requirements, and local government regulations.

KOMPAS’ company formation services include:

  • Set-up of legal entities
  • Legal support
  • Provide corporate nominee directors and shareholders
  • Accounting and reporting
  • Implementation of cross border corporate structures
  • KYC services
  • Coordination of ongoing relations with local tax and legal professional services firms
  • Coordination of ongoing relations with local banks and other financial professionals
  • Obtain a business license
  • Branch registration
  • Establish banking relationships with recognized financial institutions
  • Ongoing corporate banking and finance support

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