White Paper General Counsel

Welcome! Are you a general counsel preparing for international expansion? We have identified 7 controls that make your job easier.

It’s exciting, taking your business to a global level; but keep in mind that the key to successful expansion is preparation. As general counsel, you will get a good start with these seven controls to implement before expanding on an international scale.

In the past thirty years or so, it hasn’t just become possible for small to mid-sized businesses to start thinking on an international level: in most markets, it is expected. Or even vital: some investors will not invest without an expansion abroad included in the business plan.

The problem with the rapid changes in the past three decades is that international legal systems are lagging. The rules for businesses in each country are vastly different. Management of your company might be impatiently jogging in place, ready to start a sprint, but from the starting line it is incredibly difficult to see what hurdles they will have to clear.

The good news is that we at KOMPAS International have gotten past that obstacle course many times. We know what companies can expect and what ‘gear’ they should have in place to make the road less uneven. We’ve found that for every general counsel, there are several controls they can implement that will prevent trouble down the line.

Seven controls, to be exact.

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